Masami Ouchi

Professor Masami Ouchi
E-mail:ouchims _at_



Ph.D. Astronomy, The University of Tokyo September 2003
  Thesis: “Formation History of Galaxies and Large-Scale Structures
  in the Subaru Deep Fields”
  Adviser: Sadanori Okamura

M.S. Astronomy, The University of Tokyo March 2001

B.A. Astronomy, Tohoku University March 1999

Exchange Student at University of California, Santa Barbara 1997-1998

Fellowships and Awards:

The ASJ Young Astronomer Award 2008

Carnegie Fellowship 2007-present

Hubble Fellowship 2004-2007

JSPS DC1 Fellowship 2001-2004

Japan Ikuei-kai Scholarship 1999-2001

Student Exchange Promotion Program 1997-1998
Scholarship from the admin. institution under the Ministry of Education of Japan

Yoshi S. Kuno Prize†1997

Synergistic Activities:

Review Panel of NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Grants Proposal 2006

Proposal Referee for the Subaru Telescope

Referee for 1 Nature, 2 ApJ, 1 ApJL, 1 PASJ, 3 MNRAS, and 1 A&A papers 2003-2011

Invited Talks at International Conferences:

12 invited talks at Australia, Austria, Germany, Spain, UK, and USA.

Reionization Studied with High-z Galaxy Observations (Review)” 2009
at “REIONIZATION at RINGBERG:The Cosmic Evolution of Helium and Hydro- gen” [Germany]

”Ly Emitters at High Redshifts” 2009

”Galaxy Formation and Reionization Studied by SUMIRE”2009
at “Science Opportunities with Wide-Field Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Distant Universe” [USA]

”Ly Emitters and Dropout Galaxies at High Redshifts”2009
at “The Gaseous Evolution of Galaxies” [Germany]

”Role of Ly-alpha Emitters in the History of Galaxy Formation (Review)” 2008
at “Understanding Lyman-alpha Emitters” [Germany]

”Studying Galaxy Formation and Reionization by Future AO observations”2008
at “Science with AO-fed instruments on Large Telescopes” [Australia]

”Large-scale Structures Traced by Lyman Alpha Emitters at z=3.1-6.6””2007
at American Astronomical Society Meeting 210 [USA]

”Exploring Galaxy Formation and Reionization Towards the Cosmic Dawn”2007
at The Frank N. Bash Symposium 2007 [USA]

”Exploring the Cosmic Dawn with Large Telescopes (Review)”2006
at The 2006 Durham Cosmology Conference: COSMIC FRONTIERS [UK]

”Subaru Panoramic Survey for Galaxies in the High Redshift Universe”2006
at “BERNARD’S COSMIC STORIES: from Primordial Fluctuations to the Birth of Galaxies and Stars” [Spain]

”Perspectives from the Subaru Wide-Field Deep Survey”2005
at “Probing the Dark Universe with Subaru and Gemini” [USA]

”Panoramic View of the High-z Universe (Plenary talk)”2004
at The 22nd Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics [USA]

Contributed Talks at International Conferences:

14 contributed talks at France, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Taiwan, USA etc. 2001-2009

Colloquia and Seminars:

21 colloquium/seminar talks at Princeton, Leiden, Geneva, STScI,2001-2009 NAOJ, Subaru, UCSB, Kyoto, Arcetri, Yale, Hawaii, NOAO, JHU, ETH, etc.

Recent Observing Experiences:

Subaru/Suprime-Cam 3.5 nights December 2009

Magellan/IMACS 3 nights October 2009

Subaru/Suprime-Cam 7 nights March-April 2009

Magellan/IMACS 7 nights November-December 2008

Subaru/Suprime-Cam 2 nights October 2008

Keck/DEIMOS 2.3 nights July/October 2008

Subaru/MOIRCS 2 nights March 2008

Keck/DEIMOS 2 nights November 2007

Before November 2007, M. Ouchi experienced 3 nights with Gemini/GMOS, 1 night with Keck/NIRC, and about 87 nights with Subaru/Suprime-Cam, FOCAS, MOIRCS, and CISCO.

Successful PI Proposals for Large Telescope Time after 2008 (Ouchi is a PI):

”DEIMOS Spectroscopy for z=7 Galaxies Found by the Suprime-Cam Survey”, 2009 Keck Telescope time exchange (Semester S10A), 3 nights

”Ultimate Surveys for z ~ 7 LAEs with Red-Sensitive SuperSuprime-Cam II”, . 2009 Subaru Telescope (Semester S09B), 3 nights

”Concerted Attack on Questions of LAEs with the Backup of Triple NB System”, 2009 Subaru Telescope (Semester S09B), 3.5 nights

”Deep IMACS Spectroscopy for SXDS Galaxies at z = 3 ? 7”,2009  Magellan Telescope (Semester 2009B), 3 nights

”Follow-up Wide-Field Survey for z  7 Galaxies:Final Push of the Subaru Limit”, 2009Subaru Telescope (Semester S09A), 3 nights

”Wide-field IMACS spectroscopy for Lya emitters at intermediate redshifts”,2009 Magellan Telescope (Semester 2009A), 3 nights

”Ultimate Surveys for z  7 LAEs with Red-Sensitive SuperSuprime-Cam”, 2008 Subaru Telescope (Semester S08B), 4 nights

”Completing DEIMOS Spectroscopy for SXDS Galaxies at z = 3 ? 7”, 2008 Keck Telescope time exchange (Semester S08B), 2.3 nights

”Deep IMACS Spectroscopy for SXDS Galaxies at z = 3 ? 7”, 2008 Magellan Telescope (Semester S08B), 7 nights

”Deep Spectroscopy for z=7-9 Galaxy Candidates in MODS Ultra Deep Field”, 2008 Subaru Telescope (Semester S08A), 2 nights

Ouchi’s PI programs have received a total of 72 nights in 2002-2009 of which 43 nights apply to the programs in 2007-2009. The number of large-telescope nights for Ouchi’s PI programs is about 14 (= 43/3) nights/year on average in the last 3 years.

Successful Hubble & Spitzer Proposals (Ouchi is a PI or CoI):

”SEDS: The Spitzer Extended Deep Survey”,2008
Fazio,..., Ouchi et al.
Spitzer Space Telescope (Cycle 6)

”A Spitzer Public Legacy Survey of the UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey”,2007
Dunlop, Farrah, Ouchi et al.
Spitzer Space Telescope (Cycle 4)

”Characterizing the Stellar Populations in Lyman-Alpha Emitters and 2007
Lyman Break Galaxies at 5.7 < z < 7 in the Subaru Deep Field”,
Egami, Kashikawa, Shimasaku, Ouchi et al.
Joint Proposal of Spitzer (Cycle 4) and Hubble Space Telescopes (Cycle 16)

”Unveiling the Red Side of Galaxy Formation at 2 < z < 6”, 2004 Hubble Fellowship Grant (HST-HF-01176.01-A) awarded to Ouchi, $252,523

Teaching Experiences:

Lecturer of Carnegie-Claremont Astrophysics Seminar (Pomona College)2008

Primary lecturer at the Subaru Data Analysis Seminar of NAOJ for students 2004

Astronomy lectures at the junior high school of Japan Women’s University 2002-2004

Teaching assistant at the University of Tokyo 2000

Public Outreaches and Publications:

”Pictorial Book NEO Universe”, Ikeuchi, Handa, Ouchi, & Hashimoto 2004 Shogakukan, (ISBN: 4-09-217209-5)

3 public talks (1 hour each) at National Science Museum, Tokyo etc. 2002-2006

Press Releases:

”’Dropouts’ pinpoint earliest galaxies”, Carnegie Institution of Washington 2009

”Mysterious Space Blob Discovered at Cosmic Dawn”, Carnegie Institution of Wash- ington 2009

”Young Galaxies Grow Up Together in a Nest of Dark Matter”, Subaru Telescope 2005

”Galaxy Clusters Formed Early”, Subaru Telescope 2005

”The Universe Had Large Scale Structure at a Very Early Age”, Univ. of Tokyo 2003

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