Recent Papers and Presentation


= 2024 =

2024.6.26 "JWST, ALMA, and Keck Spectroscopic Constraints on the UV Luminosity Functions at z~7-14: Clumpiness and Compactness of the Brightest Galaxies in the Early Universe" Harikane et al. (ADS)

2024.6.14 "ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey: Physical characterization of near-infrared-dark intrinsically faint ALMA sources at z=2-4" Tsujita et al. (ADS)

2024.6.12 "FINER: Far-Infrared Nebular Emission Receiver for the Large Millimeter Telescope" Tamura et al. (ADS)

2024.6.6 "The MUSE eXtremely Deep Field: Detections of circumgalactic SiII* emission at z>~2" Kusakabe et al. (ADS)

2024.5.21 "MAMMOTH-Subaru. II. Diverse Populations of Circumgalactic Ly$\alpha$ Nebulae at Cosmic Noon" Li et al. (ADS)

2024.5.3 "Strong He I Emission Lines in High N/O Galaxies at $z \sim 6$ Identified in JWST Spectra: High He/H Abundance Ratios or High Electron Densities?" Yanagisawa et al. (ADS)

2024.4.25 "Dynamics of GN-z11 Explored by JWST Integral Field Spectroscopy: Gaseous Rotating Disk at z=10.60 Suggestive of Weak Feedback?" Xu et al. (ADS)

2024.4.24 "Cosmic Himalayas: The Highest Quasar Density Peak Identified in a 10,000 deg$^2$ Sky with Spatial Discrepancies between Galaxies, Quasars, and IGM HI" Liang et al. (ADS)

2024.4.24 "Galaxy properties from the outskirts to the core of a protocluster at z=3.699" Toshikawa et al. (ADS)

2024.4.1 "JWST and ALMA Multiple-line Study in and around a Galaxy at z = 8.496: Optical to Far-Infrared Line Ratios and the Onset of an Outflow Promoting Ionizing Photon Escape" Fujimoto et al. (ADS)

2024.2.29 "Tip of the iceberg: overmassive black holes at 4<z<7 found by JWST are not inconsistent with the local $\mathcal{M}_{\rm BH}$-$\mathcal{M}_\star$ relation" Li et al. (ADS)

2024.3.1 "Unveiling the Primordial Universe: A <1000 Msun Stellar Cluster at z=6.6" Nakajima et al. (ADS)

2024.3.1 "SAPPHIRES: Slitless Areal Pure-Parallel High-Redshift Emission Survey" Egami et al. (ADS)

2024.3.1 "2019 VZ50" Li et al. (ADS)

2024.3.1 "2017 BG231" Suto et al. (ADS)

2024.2.28 "Primordial Rotating Disk Composed of $\geq$15 Dense Star-Forming Clumps at Cosmic Dawn" Fujimoto et al. (ADS)

2024.2.27 "Outshining in the Spatially Resolved Analysis of a Strongly-Lensed Galaxy at z=6.072 with JWST NIRCam" Giménez-Arteaga et al. (ADS)

2024.2.27 "The cold interstellar medium of a normal sub-$L^\star$ galaxy at the end of reionization" Valentino et al. (ADS)

2024.2.9 "Sub-Parsec-Scale Jet-Driven Water Maser with Possible Gravitational Acceleration in the Radio Galaxy NGC 1052" Kameno et al. (ADS)

2024.2.1 "Census for the rest-frame optical and UV morphologies of galaxies at z = 4-10: First phase of inside-out galaxy formation" Ono et al. (ADS)

2024.1.12 "Probing Chemical Enrichment in Extremely Metal-Poor Galaxies and First Galaxies" Fukushima et al. (ADS)

2024.1.1 "Pure Spectroscopic Constraints on UV Luminosity Functions and Cosmic Star Formation History from 25 Galaxies at z spec = 8.61-13.20 Confirmed with JWST/NIRSpec" Harikane et al. (ADS)

= 2023 =

2023.12.18 "Exploring Low-Mass Black Holes through Tidal Disruption Events in the Early Universe: Perspectives in the Era of JWST, RST, and LSST Surveys" Inayoshi et al. (ADS)

2023.12.11 "Ly$\alpha$ Emission at $z=7-13$: Clear Ly$\alpha$ Equivalent Width Evolution Indicating the Late Cosmic Reionization History" Nakane et al. (ADS)

2023.11.28 "SERENADE II: An ALMA Multi-Band Dust-Continuum Analysis of 28 Galaxies at 5<z<8 and the Physical Origin of the Dust Temperature Evolution" Mitsuhashi et al. (ADS)

2023.10.14 "SHARPEST: the atmospheric turbulence profiling experiment using Shack-Hartmann sensor at the Subaru telescope" Ogane et al. (ADS)

2023.10.12 "An enhanced abundance of bright galaxies in protocluster candidates at z 3-5" Toshikawa et al. (ADS)

2023.10.10 "Stellar and AGN Feedback Probed with Outflows in JWST Galaxies at z=3-9: Implications of Frequent Nearly-Spherical Galactic Fountains" Xu et al. (ADS)

2023.10.1 "VizieR Online Data Catalog: The SSA22 HI tomography survey. I. Redshifts (Mawatari+, 2023)" Mawatari et al. (ADS)

2023.9.21 "Constraint on the event rate of general relativistic instability supernovae from the early JWST deep field data" Moriya et al. (ADS)

2023.9.7 "No strong radio absorption detected in the low-frequency spectra of radio-loud quasars at z > 5.6" Gloudemans et al. (ADS)

2023.9.6 "Census for the Rest-frame Optical and UV Morphologies of Galaxies at $z=4-10$: First Phase of Inside-Out Galaxy Formation" Ono et al. (ADS)

2023.9.4 "Plausible association of distant late M dwarfs with low-frequency radio emission" Gloudemans et al. (ADS)

2023.7.11 "JASMINE: Near-Infrared Astrometry and Time Series Photometry Science" Kawata et al. (ADS)

2023.7.3 "JWST Identification of Extremely Low C/N Galaxies with [N/O]$\gtrsim 0.5$ at $z\sim 6-10$ Evidencing the Early CNO-Cycle Enrichment and a Connection with Globular Cluster Formation" Isobe et al. (ADS)

2023.6.29 "Roman CCS White Paper: Identifying high-redshift pair-instability supernovae by adding sparse F213 filter observations" Moriya et al. (ADS)

2023.6.13 "Statistics for Galaxy Outflows at $z\sim 6-9$ with Imaging and Spectroscopic Signatures Identified with JWST/NIRCam and NIRSpec Data" Zhang et al. (ADS)

2023.6.1 "JWST Measurements of Neutral Hydrogen Fractions and Ionized Bubble Sizes at $z=7-12$ Obtained with Ly$\alpha$ Damping Wing Absorptions in 26 Bright Continuum Galaxies" Umeda et al. (ADS)

2023.5.24 "Unbiased surveys of dust-enshrouded galaxies using ALMA" Kohno et al. (ADS)

2023.5.22 "The Spitzer Coverage of HSC-Deep with IRAC for Z studies (SHIRAZ) I: IRAC mosaics" Annunziatella et al. (ADS)

2023.5.18 "Quasar Luminosity Function at z = 7" Matsuoka et al. (ADS)

2023.5.15 "SILVERRUSH. XIII. A Catalog of 20,567 Ly$\alpha$ Emitters at $z=2-7$ Identified in the Full-Depth Data of the Subaru/HSC-SSP and CHORUS Surveys" Kikuta et al. (ADS)

2023.5.3 "EMPRESS. XIV. Strong High Ionization Lines of Young Galaxies at $z=0-8$: Ionizing Spectra Consistent with the Intermediate Mass Black Holes with $M_{\rm BH}\sim 10^3-10^6\ M_\odot$" Hatano et al. (ADS)

2023.5.3 "EMPRESS. XIII. Chemical Enrichments of Young Galaxies Near and Far at z ~ 0 and 4-10: Fe/O, Ar/O, S/O, and N/O Measurements with Chemical Evolution Model Comparisons" Watanabe et al. (ADS)

2023.5.1 "The SSA22 H I Tomography Survey (SSA22-HIT). I. Data Set and Compiled Redshift Catalog" Mawatari et al. (ADS)

2023.4.17 "GREX-PLUS Science Book" GREX-PLUS Science Team et al. (ADS)

2023.4.13 "Pure Spectroscopic Constraints on UV Luminosity Functions and Cosmic Star Formation History From 25 Galaxies at $z_\mathrm{spec}=8.61-13.20$ Confirmed with JWST/NIRSpec" Harikane et al. (ADS)

2023.4.7 "Active Massive Black Hole Found in the Young Star-Forming Dwarf Galaxy SBS 0335-052E" Hatano et al. (ADS)

2023.3.22 "EMPRESS. XII. Statistics on the Dynamics and Gas Mass Fraction of Extremely-Metal Poor Galaxies" Xu et al. (ADS)

2023.3.21 "JWST/NIRSpec First Census of Broad-Line AGNs at z=4-7: Detection of 10 Faint AGNs with M_BH~10^6-10^7 M_sun and Their Host Galaxy Properties" Harikane et al. (ADS)

2023.3.6 "The Stellar Mass - Black Hole Mass Relation at $z\sim2$ Down to $\mathcal{M}_\mathrm{BH}\sim10^7 M_\odot$ Determined by HETDEX" Zhang et al. (ADS)

2023.3.3 "ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey: Deep 1.2 mm Number Counts and Infrared Luminosity Functions at $z\simeq1-8$" Fujimoto et al. (ADS)

2023.2.8 "ALMA detection of 321 GHz water maser emission in the radio galaxy NGC 1052" Kameno et al. (ADS)

2023.2.6 "EMPRESS. XI. SDSS and JWST Search for Local and z~4-5 Extremely Metal-Poor Galaxies (EMPGs): Clustering and Chemical Properties of Local EMPGs" Nishigaki et al. (ADS)

2023.2.1 "Unbiased surveys of dust-enshrouded galaxies using ALMA" Kohno et al. (ADS)

2023.1.30 "JWST Census for the Mass-Metallicity Star-Formation Relations at z=4-10 with Self-Consistent Flux Calibration and the Proper Metallicity Calibrators" Nakajima et al. (ADS)

2023.1.18 "MAMMOTH-Subaru V. Effects of Cosmic Variance on Ly$\alpha$ Luminosity Functions at $z=2.2-2.3$" Ma et al. (ADS)

2023.1.18 "MAMMOTH-Subaru IV. Large Scale Structure and Clustering Analysis of Ly$\alpha$ Emitters and Ly$\alpha$ Blobs at $z=2.2-2.3$" Zhang et al. (ADS)

2023.1.18 "MAMMOTH-Subaru III. Ly$\alpha$ Halo Extended to $\sim200$ kpc Identified by Stacking $\sim 3300$ Ly$\alpha$ Emitters at $z=2.2-2.3$" Zhang et al. (ADS)

2023.1.17 "Redshift Evolution of the Electron Density in the ISM at $z\sim 0-9$ Uncovered with JWST/NIRSpec Spectra and Line-Spread Function Determinations" Isobe et al. (ADS)

2023.1.12 "Cosmological-Scale HI Distribution Around Galaxies and AGN Probed with the HETDEX and SDSS Spectroscopic Data" Sun et al. (ADS)

2023.1.4 "HETDEX Public Source Catalog 1: 220K Sources Including Over 50K Lyman Alpha Emitters from an Untargeted Wide-area Spectroscopic Survey" Mentuch Cooper et al. (ADS)

2023.1.1 "Photometric IGM tomography with Subaru/HSC: the large-scale structure of Ly$\alpha$ emitters and IGM transmission in the COSMOS field at $z\sim5$" Kakiichi et al. (ADS)


= 2022 =

2022.12.13 "The gas and stellar content of a metal-poor galaxy at $z=8.496$ revealed by JWST and ALMA" Heintz et al. (ADS)

2022.12.13 "JWST and ALMA Multiple-Line Study in and around a Galaxy at $z=8.496$: Optical to FIR Line Ratios and the Onset of an Outflow Promoting Ionizing Photon Escape" Fujimoto et al. (ADS)

2022.11.23 "FOREVER22: the first bright galaxies with population III stars at redshifts $z \simeq 10-20$ and comparisons with JWST data" Yajima et al. (ADS)

2022.11.7 "ALMA FIR View of Ultra High-redshift Galaxy Candidates at $z\sim$ 11-17: Blue Monsters or Low-$z$ Red Interlopers?" Fujimoto et al. (ADS)

2022.11.2 "A solar metallicity galaxy at $z >$ 7? Detection of the [N II] 122 $\mu$m and [O III] 52 $\mu$m lines" Killi et al. (ADS)

2022.11.2 "ALMA Observations for CO Emission from Luminous Lyman-break Galaxies at $z=6.0293$-$6.2037$" Ono et al. (ADS)

2022.10.4 "Discovery of 24 radio-bright quasars at $4.9 \leq z \leq6.6$ using low-frequency radio observations" Gloudemans et al. (ADS)

2022.10.1 "VizieR Online Data Catalog: SILVERRUSH. X. Confirmed LAE galaxies & AGN from HSC (Ono+, 2021)" Ono et al. (ADS)

2022.9.26 "AO3000 at Subaru: combining for the first time a NIR WFS using First Light's C-RED ONE and ALPAO's 64x64 DM" Lozi et al. (ADS)

2022.8.31 "A Wide and Deep Exploration of Radio Galaxies with Subaru HSC (WERGS). IX. The Most Overdense Region at z~5 Inhabited by a Massive Radio Galaxy" Uchiyama et al. (ADS)

2022.8.29 "Morphologies of Galaxies at $z \simeq 9-17$ Uncovered by JWST/NIRCam Imaging: Cosmic Size Evolution and an Identification of an Extremely Compact Bright Galaxy at $z\sim 12$" Ono et al. (ADS)

2022.8.22 "Extreme Value Statistics of the Halo and Stellar Mass Distributions at High Redshift: are JWST Results in Tension with {\Lambda}CDM?" Lovell et al. (ADS)

2022.8.15 "The discovery and characterization of a kilometre sized asteroid inside the orbit of Venus" Bolin et al. (ADS)

2022.8.14 "A Lower Bound of Star Formation Activity in Ultra-high Redshift Galaxies Detected with JWST: Implications for Stellar Populations and Radiation Sources" Inayoshi et al. (ADS)

2022.8.2 "A Comprehensive Study on Galaxies at z~9-17 Found in the Early JWST Data: UV Luminosity Functions and Cosmic Star-Formation History at the Pre-Reionization Epoch" Harikane et al. (ADS)

2022.8.1 "The COS Legacy Archive Spectroscopy Survey (CLASSY) Treasury Atlas" Berg et al, (ADS)

2022.7.14 "ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey: $HST$ and $Spitzer$ Photometry of 33 Lensed Fields Built with CHArGE" Kokorev et al, (ADS)

2022.7.12 "Bridging Optical and Far-Infrared Emission-Line Diagrams of Galaxies from Local to the Epoch of Reionization: Characteristic High [O III] 88 $\mathrm{\mu m}$/SFR at $z > 6$" Sugahara et al, (ADS)

2022.6.29 "The Prime Focus Spectrograph Galaxy Evolution Survey" Greene et al, (ADS)

2022.6.9 "EMPRESS. IX. Extremely Metal-Poor Galaxies are Very Gas-Rich Dispersion-Dominated Systems: Will JWST Witness Gaseous Turbulent High-z Primordial Galaxies?" Isobe et al, (ADS)

2022.6.6 "EMPRESS. V. Metallicity Diagnostics of Galaxies over 12+log(O/H)=~6.9-8.9 Established by a Local Galaxy Census: Preparing for JWST Spectroscopy" Nakajima et al, (ADS)

2022.6.2 "CLASSY II: A technical Overview of the COS Legacy Archive Spectroscopic SurveY" James et al, (ADS)

2022.6.1 "VizieR Online Data Catalog: GOLDRUSH. IV. z~3-7 galaxies (Harikane+, 2022)" Harikane et al, (ADS)

2022.5.23 "MUSUBI (MegaCam Ultra-deep Survey: u*-band Imaging) Data for the COSMOS and SXDS Fields" Wang et al, (ADS)

2022.4.20 "CLASSY III: The Properties of Starburst-Driven Warm Ionized Outflows" Xu et al, (ADS)

2022.4.1 "Are the Newly-Discovered z 13 Drop-out Sources Starburst Galaxies or Quasars?" Pacucci et al, (ADS)

2022.3.17 "EMPRESS. VIII. A New Determination of Primordial He Abundance with Extremely Metal-Poor Galaxies: A Suggestion of the Lepton Asymmetry and Implications for the Hubble Tension" Matsumoto et al, (ADS)

2022.3.14 "The COS Legacy Archive Spectroscopy SurveY (CLASSY) Treasury Atlas" Berg et al, (ADS)

2022.3.9 "Surface Brightness Profile of Lyman-α Halos out to 320 kpc in HETDEX" Lujan Niemeyer et al, (ADS)

2022.3.3 "IR characteristic emission and dust properties of star-forming galaxies at 4.5 $<$ z $<$ 6.2" Burgarella et al, (ADS)

2022.3.2 "Big Three Dragons. III: A Study of Molecular Gas in a Bright Lyman-Break Galaxy at $z=7.15$ with ALMA" Hashimoto et al, (ADS)

2022.2.1 "VizieR Online Data Catalog: Lyα emitters and QSOs in COMSOS and EGS fields (Mukae+, 2020)" Mukae et al, (ADS)

2022.1.18 "CHORUS. IV. Mapping the Spatially Inhomogeneous Cosmic Reionization with Subaru HSC" Yoshioka et al, (ADS)

2022.1.17 "EMPRESS. VII. Ionizing Spectrum Shapes of Extremely Metal-poor Galaxies: Uncovering the Origins of Strong He II and the Impact on Cosmic Reionization" Umeda et al, (ADS)

2022.1.3 "Are the newly-discovered z 13 drop-out sources starburst galaxies or quasars?" Pacucci et al, (ADS)


= 2021 =

2021.12.16 "A Search for H-Dropout Lyman Break Galaxies at z 12-16" Harikane et al, (ADS)

2021.12.15 "EMPRESS. VI. Outflows Investigated in Low-mass Galaxies with M = 104-107 M : Weak Feedback in Low-mass Galaxies?" Xu et al, (ADS)

2021.12.3 "A Wide and Deep Exploration of Radio Galaxies with Subaru HSC (WERGS). VI. Distant Filamentary Structures Pointed Out by High-z Radio Galaxies at z 4" Uchiyama et al, (ADS)

2021.11.24 "Subaru High-z Exploration of Low-luminosity Quasars (SHELLQs). XVI. 69 New Quasars at 5.8 < z < 7.0" Matsuoka et al, (ADS)

2021.11.4 "Stellar Initial Mass Function (IMF) Probed with Supernova Rates and Neutrino Background: Cosmic Average IMF Slope is $\simeq 2-3$ Similar to the Salpeter IMF" Aoyama et al, (ADS)

2021.10.27 "SILVERRUSH. XI. Constraints on the Lyα Luminosity Function and Cosmic Reionization at z = 7.3 with Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam" Goto et al, (ADS)

2021.10.22 "The SSA22 HI Tomography Survey (SSA22-HIT). I. Dataset and compiled redshift catalog" Mawatari et al, (ADS)

2021.10.11 "Subaru/FOCAS IFU revealed the metallicity gradient of a local extremely metal-poor galaxy" Kashiwagi et al, (ADS)

2021.10.8 "The Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX) Survey Design, Reductions, and Detections" Gebhardt et al, (ADS)

2021.8.30 "Third data release of the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program" Aihara et al, (ADS)

2021.8.20 "SILVERRUSH. XII. Intensity Mapping for Lyα Emission Extending over 100-1000 Comoving Kpc around z 2-7 LAEs with Subaru HSC-SSP and CHORUS Data" Kikuchihara et al, (ADS)

2021.8.9 "EMPRESS. IV. Extremely Metal-poor Galaxies Including Very Low-mass Primordial Systems with M * = 104-105 M and 2%-3% (O/H): High (Fe/O) Suggestive of Metal Enrichment by Hypernovae/Pair-instability Supernovae" Isobe et al, (ADS)

2021.8.2 "GOLDRUSH. IV. Luminosity Functions and Clustering Revealed with 4,000,000 Galaxies at z 2-7: Galaxy-AGN Transition, Star Formation Efficiency, and Implication for Evolution at z > 10" Harikane et al, (ADS)

2021.6.25 "Subaru High-z Exploration of Low-luminosity Quasars (SHELLQs). XIV. A Candidate Type II Quasar at z = 6.1292" Onoue et al, (ADS)

2021.6.7 "Galaxy morphologies revealed with Subaru HSC and super-resolution techniques. I. Major merger fractions of LUV 3-15 L*UV dropout galaxies at z 4-7" Shibuya et al, (ADS)

2021.6.1 "HST/WFC3-IR Imaging of Exceptionally Luminous Himiko/CR7-Like Galaxies at z>6" Egami et al, (ADS)

2021.6.1 "Emission Lines in Galaxies from the Epoch of Reionization to Today" Ouchi , (ADS)

2021.5.24 "First HETDEX Spectroscopic Determinations of Lyα and UV Luminosity Functions at z = 2-3: Bridging a Gap between Faint AGNs and Bright Galaxies" Zhang et al, (ADS)

2021.5.21 "Optical Spectroscopy of Dual Quasar Candidates from the Subaru HSC-SSP program" Tang et al, (ADS)

2021.5.9 "Gaia 400,894 QSO constraint on the energy density of low-frequency gravitational waves" Aoyama et al, (ADS)

2021.5.1 "VizieR Online Data Catalog: RELICS: Reionization Lensing Cluster Survey (Coe+, 2019)" Coe et al, (ADS)

2021.4.5 "SILVERRUSH X: Machine Learning-aided Selection of 9318 LAEs at z = 2.2, 3.3, 4.9, 5.7, 6.6, and 7.0 from the HSC SSP and CHORUS Survey Data" Ono et al, (ADS)

2021.3.29 "First Identification of a CMB Lensing Signal Produced by $1.5$ Million Galaxies at $z\sim$4: Constraints on Matter Density Fluctuations at High Redshift" Miyatake et al, (ADS)

2021.3.1 "PRIMER: Public Release IMaging for Extragalactic Research" Dunlop et al, (ADS)

2021.3.1 "H-drop galaxies: ``Rosetta Stones'' at z 13 for galaxy formation studies" Harikane et al, (ADS)

2021.3.1 "Galaxy Protoclusters as Drivers of Cosmic Reionization" Martin et al, (ADS)

2021.3.1 "Early Galaxy Assembly Uncovered with ALMA and JWST: A Remarkably UV and [CII] Bright, Strongly Lensed Sub-L* Galaxy at z=6.072" Fujimoto et al, (ADS)

2021.3.1 "Anchoring z>6 Galaxy Metallicities using T_e and n_e Diagnostics Enabled by JWST and ALMA Spectroscopy" Harikane et al, (ADS)

2021.3.1 "A Strongly Magnified Individual Star and Parsec-Scale Clusters Observed in the First Billion Years at z = 6" Coe et al, (ADS)

2021.1.6 "ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey: Bright [C II] 158 μm Lines from a Multiply Imaged Sub-L Galaxy at z = 6.0719" Fujimoto et al, (ADS)

2021.1.5 "ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey: a strongly lensed multiply imaged dusty system at z ≥ 6" Laporte et al, (ADS)

2021.1.4 "Subaru High-z Exploration of Low-luminosity Quasars (SHELLQs). XII. Extended [C II] Structure (Merger or Outflow) in a z = 6.72 Red Quasar" Izumi et al, (ADS)


= 2020 =

2020.12.14 "Observations of the Lyman-α Universe" Ouchi et al, (ADS)

2020.12.13: "A machine learning software to estimate morphological parameters of distant galaxies", Shibuya et al. (ADS)

2020.12.13: "The University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory 6.5m telescope: On-sky performance of the near-infrared instrument SWIMS on the Subaru telescope", Konishi et al. (ADS)

2020.12.1 "Experimental study of energy conversion/transport process during magnetic reconnection in flux tube merging experiments" Tanabe et al, (ADS)

2020.12.1 "A machine learning software to estimate morphological parameters of distant galaxies" Umayahara et al, (ADS)

2020.11.26 "A puzzling non-detection of [O III] and [C II] from a z ≈ 7.7 galaxy observed with ALMA" Binggeli et al, (ADS)

2020.11.23 "FOREVER22: galaxy formation in protocluster regions" Yajima et al, (ADS)

2020.11.20 "Faint Quasars Live in the Same Number Density Environments as Lyman Break Galaxies at z ∼ 4" Uchiyama et al, (ADS)

2020.11.19 "FIR-luminous [C II] Emitters in the ALMA-SCUBA-2 COSMOS Survey (AS2COSMOS): The Nature of Submillimeter Galaxies in a 10 Comoving Megaparsec-scale Structure at z ∼ 4.6" Mitsuhashi et al, (ADS)

2020.11.17 "RELICS-DP7: Spectroscopic Confirmation of a Dichromatic Primeval Galaxy at z ∼ 7" Pelliccia et al, (ADS)

2020.11.14 "CHORUS. I. Cosmic HydrOgen Reionization Unveiled with Subaru: Overview" Inoue et al, (ADS)

2020.10.15 "Broadband Selection, Spectroscopic Identification, and Physical Properties of a Population of Extreme Emission-line Galaxies at 3 < z < 3.7" Onodera et al, (ADS)

2020.10.1 "The Faint End of the Quasar Luminosity Function at z ∼ 5 from the Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey" Niida et al, (ADS)

2020.9.17 "Major Scientific Challenges and Opportunities in Understanding Magnetic Reconnection and Related Explosive Phenomena in Solar and Heliospheric Plasmas" Ji et al, (ADS)

2020.9.15 "Cosmological 3D H I Gas Map with HETDEX Lyα Emitters and eBOSS QSOs at z = 2: IGM-Galaxy/QSO Connection and a ∼40 Mpc Scale Giant H II Bubble Candidate" Mukae et al, (ADS)

2020.9.10 "ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey: An ALMA Galaxy Signposting a MUSE Galaxy Group at z = 4.3 Behind "El Gordo"" Caputi et al, (ADS)

2020.9.9 "A kilometer-scale asteroid inside Venus's orbit" Ip et al, (ADS)

2020.8.31 "RELICS: Properties of z ≥ 5.5 Galaxies Inferred from Spitzer and Hubble Imaging, Including A Candidate z ∼ 6.8 Strong [O III] emitter" Strait et al, (ADS)

2020.8.1 "VizieR Online Data Catalog: Photometric redshifts in the EGOODS-North field (Hsu+, 2019)" Hsu et al, (ADS)

2020.7.28 "Probing Feedback via IGM tomography and the Lyα Forest with Subaru PFS, TMT/ELT, and JWST" Nagamine et al, (ADS)

2020.7.10 "Dual Supermassive Black Holes at Close Separation Revealed by the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program" Silverman et al, (ADS)

2020.6.8 "A Wide and Deep Exploration of Radio Galaxies with Subaru HSC (WERGS). III. Discovery of a z = 4.72 Radio Galaxy with the Lyman Break Technique" Yamashita et al, (ADS)

2020.6.6 "EMPRESS. II. Highly Fe-enriched Metal-poor Galaxies with ∼1.0 (Fe/O) and 0.02 (O/H): Possible Traces of Supermassive (>300 M) Stars in Early Galaxies" Kojima et al, (ADS)

2020.6.3 "The Mass-Metallicity Relation at z ≃ 8: Direct-method Metallicity Constraints and Near-future Prospects" Jones et al, (ADS)

2020.5.27: "ALMA 26 arcmin$^2$ survey of GOODS-S at one-millimeter (ASAGAO): millimeter properties of stellar mass selected galaxies", Yamaguchi et al. (ADS)

2020.4.23:"EMPRESS. III. Morphology, Stellar Population, and Dynamics of Extremely Metal Poor Galaxies (EMPGs): Are EMPGs Local Analogs of High-z Young Galaxies?", Isobe et al. (ADS)

2020.3.9:"Testing an indirect method for identifying galaxies with high levels of Lyman continuum leakage", Yamanaka et al. (ADS)

2020.2.7:"Deep multi-redshift limits on Epoch of Reionisation 21 cm Power Spectra from Four Seasons of Murchison Widefield Array Observations", Trott et al. (ADS)

2020.1.13:"Faint LAEs near z>4.7 CIV absorbers revealed by MUSE",Gonzalo Diaz et al. (ADS)

2020.1.9: "ALMA uncovers the [CII] emission and warm dust continuum in a z = 8.31 Lyman break galaxy", Bakx et al. (ADS)


= 2019 =

2019.12.23:"Balmer Break Galaxy Candidates at z ~ 6: a Potential View on the Star-Formation Activity at z > 14", Mawatari et al. (ADS)

2019.12.11:"The Subaru HSC Galaxy Clustering with Photometric Redshift I: Dark Halo Masses Versus Baryonic Properties of Galaxies at 0.3<z<1.4", Ishikawa et al. (ADS)

2019.12.9:"Rest-frame UV Properties of Luminous Strong Gravitationally Lensed Lyα Emitters from the BELLS GALLERY Survey", Marques-Chaves et al. (ADS)

2019.12.9:"The role of galaxies and AGN in reionising the IGM -- III : IGM-galaxy cross-correlations at z~6 from 8 quasar fields with DEIMOS and MUSE", Meyer et al. (ADS)

2019.12.5:"RELICS: A Very Large (θE40") Cluster Lens -- RXC J0032.1+1808", Acebron et al. (ADS)

2019.12.3:"Discovery of Protoclusters at z~3.7 & 4.9: Embedded in Primordial Superclusters", Toshikawa et al. (ADS)

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