Recent Papers and Presentation

= 2018 =

2018.3.27: "the dominant origin of diffuse Lya halos around LAEs explored by SED fitting and clustering analysis", Kusakabe et al. (arXiv:1803.10265)

2018.3.26: "RELICS: Strong Lensing analysis of the galaxy clusters Abell S295, Abell 697, MACS J0025.4-1222, and MACS J0159.8-0849", Cibirka et al. (arXiv:1803.09557)

2018.3.5: "Subaru High-z Exploration of Low-Luminosity Quasars (SHELLQs). IV. Discovery of 41 Quasars and Luminous Galaxies at 5.7 < z < 6.9", Matsuoka et al. (arXiv:1803.01861)

2018.2.24: "Large Scale Environment of a z=6.61 Luminous Quasar Probed by Lyα Emitters and Lyman Break Galaxies", Ota et al., (arXiv:1802.08912)

2018.2.15: "Subaru High-z Exploration of Low-Luminosity Quasars (SHELLQs) III. Star formation properties of the host galaxies at z>6 studied with ALMA", Izumi et al. (arXiv:1802.05742)

2018.2.6: "ASAGAO. Average Morphology of High-z Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies is an Exponential-Disk (n~1) Harboring an AGN", Fujimoto et al. (arXiv:1802.02136)

2018.1.9: "Candidate z~10 Galaxy Strongly Lensed into a Spatially Resolved Arc", Salmon et al. (arXiv:1801.03103)

2018.1.2: "SILVERRUSH. VII. Subaru/HSC Identifications of 42 Protocluster Candidates at z~6-7 with the Spectroscopic Redshifts up to z=6.574: Implications for Cosmic Reionization", Higuchi et al. (arXiv:1801.00531)

= 2017 =

2017.12.30: "SILVERRUSH. VI. A simulation of Lyα emitters in the reionization epoch and a comparison with Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam survey early data", Inoue et al. (arXiv:1801.00067)

2017.12.9: "ALMA Twenty-six arcmin2 Survey of GOODS-S at One-millimeter (ASAGAO): X-ray AGN Properties of Millimeter-Selected Galaxies", Ueda et al. (arXiv:1712.03350)

2017.11.14: "SPLASH-SXDF Multi-wavelength Photometric Catalog", Mehta et al., ApJS, (arXiv:1711.05280)

2017.11.10: "SILVERRUSH. V. Census of Lya, [OIII]5007, Ha, and [CII]158um Line Emission with ~1000 LAEs at z=4.9-7.0 Revealed with Subaru/HSC", Harikane et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1711.03735)

2017.10.19: "Size-luminosity relations and UV luminosity functions at z=6-9 simultaneously derived from the complete Hubble Frontier Fields data", Kawamata et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1710.07301)

2017.9.13: "Minor Contribution of Quasars to Ionizing Photon Budget at z~6: Update on Quasar Luminosity Function at the Faint-end with Subaru/Suprime-Cam", Onoue et al., ApJL, (arXiv:1709.04413)

2017.8.30: "GOLDRUSH. III. A Systematic Search of Protoclusters at z∼4 Based on the >100deg2 Area", Toshikawa et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1708.09421)

2017.8.21: "Detectability of 21cm-signal during the Epoch of Reionization with 21cm-LAE cross-correlation", Kubota et al., MNRAS, (arXiv:1708.06291)

2017.7.28: "Stellar and Dark Matter Halo Properties of LAEs at z∼2", Kusakabe et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1707.09373)

2017.6.2: "Deep Optical Imaging of the COSMOS Field with Hyper Suprime-Cam Using Data from the Subaru Strategic Program and the University of Hawaii", Tanaka et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1706.00566)

2017.5.3: "SILVERRUSH. IV. Lyα Luminosity Functions at z=5.7 and 6.6 Studied with ∼ 1,300 LAEs on the 14−21 deg2 Sky", Konno et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1705.01222)

2017.5.1: "SILVERRUSH. III. Deep Optical and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Lya and UV-Nebular Lines of Bright Lya Emitters at z=6-7", Shibuya et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1705.00733)

2017.4.27: "Clustering of quasars in a wide luminosity range at redshift 4 with Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam wide field imaging", He et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1704.08461)

2017.4.26: "SILVERRUSH. II. First Catalogs and Properties of ~2,000 Lya Emitters and Blobs at z~6-7 Identified over the 14-21 deg2 Sky", Shibuya et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1704.08140)

2017.4.24: "Systematic Identification of LAEs for Visible Exploration and Reionization Research Using Subaru HSC (SILVERRUSH). I. Program Strategy and Clustering Properties of ~2,000 Lya Emitters at z=6-7 over the 0.3-0.5 Gpc2 Survey Area", Ouchi et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1704.07455)

2017.4.21: "GOLDRUSH. II. Clustering of Galaxies at z∼4−6 Revealed with the Half-Million Dropouts Over the 100 deg2 Area Corresponding to 1 Gpc3", Harikane et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1704.06535)

2017.4.20: "Great Optically Luminous Dropout Research Using Subaru HSC (GOLDRUSH). I. UV Luminosity Functions at z∼4−7 Derived with the Half-Million Dropouts on the 100 deg2 Sky", Ono et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1704.06004)

2017.4.20: "A 16 deg2 survey of emission-line galaxies at z<1.5 in HSC-SSP PDR1", Hayashi et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1704.05978)

2017.4.20: "The Quasar Luminosity Function at Redshift 4 with Hyper Suprime-Cam Wide Survey", Akiyama et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1704.05996)

2017.4.20: "Enhancement of Galaxy Overdensity around Quasar Pairs at z<3.6 based on the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program Survey", Onoue et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1704.06051)

2017.4.19: "The Hyper Suprime-Cam SSP Survey: Overview and Survey Design", Aihara et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1704.05858)

2017.4.19: "Subaru High-z Exploration of Low-Luminosity Quasars (SHELLQs). II. Discovery of 32 Quasars and Luminous Galaxies at 5.7 < z < 6.8", Matsuoka et al., PASJ, (arXiv:1704.05854)

2017.4.17: "Deep submillimeter and radio observations in the SSA22 field. I. Powering sources and Lyα escape fraction of Lyα blobs", Ao et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1704.05101)

2017.3.7: "A New Constraint on Reionization from Evolution of the Lyα Luminosity Function at z∼6−7 Probed by a Deep Census of z=7.0 Lyα Emitter Candidates to 0.3 L∗", Ota et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1703.02501)

2017.3.7: "Small-scale Intensity Mapping: Extended Lyα, Hα and Continuum emission as a Probe of Halo Star Formation in High-redshift Galaxies", Mas-Ribas et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1703.02593)

2017.3.6: "Demonstrating A New Census of INfrared Galaxies with ALMA (DANCING-ALMA). I. FIR Size and Luminosity Relation at z = 0-6 Revealed with 1034 ALMA Sources", Fujimoto et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1703.02138)

2017.3.6: "Evolution of Galactic Outflows at z∼0-2 Revealed with SDSS, DEEP2, and Keck spectra", Sugahara et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1703.01885)

2017.2.16: "Systematic Survey for [OII], [OIII], and Hα Blobs at z=0.1−1.5: The Implication for Evolution of Galactic-Scale Outflow", Yuma et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1702.05107)

2017.2.1: "Direct evidence for Lyα depletion in the protocluster core", Shimakawa et al., MNRAS Letter, (arXiv:1702.00100)

2017.1.10: "Imaging of diffuse HI absorption structure in the SSA22 proto-cluster region at z = 3.1", Mawatari et al., MNRAS, (arXiv:1701.02462)

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