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2016.11.01: "Lya Emitters with Very Large Lya Equivalent Widths, EW0(Lya)~200-400A, at z~2", Hashimoto et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1611.00777)

2016.08.29: "A hard ionizing spectrum in z=3-4 Ly-alpha emitters with intense [OIII] emission: Analogs of galaxies in the reionization era?", Nakajima et al., ApJL, (arXiv:1608.08222)

2016.08.22: "A new quadruple gravitational lens from the Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey: the dilemma of HSC~J115252+004733", More et al., MNRAS, (arXiv:1608.06288)

2016.07.27: "Similarities and uniqueness of Lyα emitters among star-forming galaxies at z=2.5", Shimakawa et al., MNRAS, (arXiv:1607.08005)

2016.07.06: "The infrared-dark dust content of high redshift galaxies", Ferrara et al., MNRAS, (arXiv:1607.01824)

2016.06.30: "A Spectroscopically Confirmed Double Source Plane Lens System in the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program", Tanaka et al., ApJL, (arXiv:1606.09363)

2016.06.15: "Detection of an oxygen emission line from a high redshift galaxy in the reionization epoch", Inoue et al., Science, (arXiv:1606.04989)

2016.05.11: "Evolution of N/O Abundance Ratios and Ionization Parameters from z~0 to 2 Investigated by the Direct Temperature Method", Kojima et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1605.03436)

2016.05.02: "Cosmic Galaxy-IGM HI Relation at z?2−3 Probed in the COSMOS/UltraVISTA 1.6 deg2 Field", Mukae et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1605.00379)

2016.04.08: "A New Constraint on the Lyα Fraction of UV Very Bright Galaxies at Redshift 7", Furusawa et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1604.02214)

2016.03.07: "Subaru high-z exploration of low-luminosity quasars (SHELLQs). I. Discovery of 15 quasars and bright galaxies at 5.7", Matsuoka et al., ApJ, (arXiv:1603.02281)

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